Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nicki Minaj-DREAMY! Edward&Bella-A MESS! Lil Mama-SWAGGERJACKER! Reese-ON POINT!

I've been real busy lately! I've been trying to finish writing a few more songs, working extra hours at work and spending time with the family! But I'm Back! Did anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards? Did ya see ShortBobWithTheGreatBoobsNika? Wasn't she just dreamy?

 I honestly thought that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were a waste of national television. Every fucking year is the same shit with those two! Idiots we know ya fucking, we all know ya smoking pot, WE GET IT! I wish for once they would just go up there take their damn award and just walk backstage no lie. Don't even thank the fans just GO! On the other hand I LOVED Reese Witherspoon's very direct speech. SOMEbody needed to shed some light on Reality Television and how it not only gives a bad reputation to the places they represent (Jersey Shore) but a bad name to the people involved. I mean come on, how you on tv drinking every night, smashing dudes left and right, dressing like a 2-penny-whore but expect respect? UH, NO!And i also LOVED how Reese spoke on trying to be a "bad girl" with them naked pics and sex tapes and shit. Think about it people, how about you go out there trying to get a job, or get into a good school and before or during the interview the company, or the school does a background check online and stumble upon ya Facebook page...? Now what?

There you are dressed to impress, sitting across the desk from the interviewer, and there you also are on the screen butt-ass-naked, chugging a bottle of Ciroc vodka,while climbed on some dude's back. Wait,PAUZ. Let's not forget, i bet you can't even remember his name. SMH. We are all too quick to judge celebrities, politicians and others when THEIR pics, sex tapes, or other secrets come out, but we don't realize that we do that same shit, we just haven't become famous, therefore the world doesn't care. But I bet in that moment when the interview is giving you that disgusted look, you regret ALL THAT AND MORE! Overall I think the MTV Movie Awards were alright. Jason Sudeikis was pretty funny, and I really liked Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz performance. Now Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis started off right with all that groping and grabbing! HAHA. Loved it! I obviously gotta mention LIL MAMA, JesusChrist in heaven please enlighten this girl, Amen. Let me just say that if you gonna SwaggJack do it at a different event. How you copping someone's style at the same red carpet? BRAINDEAD!