Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thinking About...."Check Out My Outfit"

I'm pondering on the idea of doing "Check out my outfit"...sort of like a daily photo upload of what I'm wearing each day whether is for work, hanging out, running errands or just chilling at home! What y'all think? Should I?
Well let's do a summary from Monday-Thursday:


Friday's look will be uploaded when I wake up in about....6 1/2 hours! Stay Tuned!

SuperBass Video Contest! -check out rules, details for the "SuperBass" video contest! GO TEAMMINAJ!

Missed Nicki Minaj's Premiere of "SuperBass" ? Watch it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


My style is...a combination of this three women I'm about to talk to you about. I walk around in white, buttoned-up collar shirts, a HOT PINK tie, HOT PINK nails, black slacks, jet-black hair with razor-sharp bangs and half shaved head! Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Janelle Monae are my TOP THREE women. Not only are they wonderful, mutlti-talented, award-winning, beautiful women but they are trend-setters and inspirations for girls, women and make a huge impact in the music industry each in their own way. The world needs more female influences, and they inspire me to do better, be proud of who I am and always keep moving forward! Stop at NOTHING to get where you need to go! I LOVE YOU GIRLS, YOU ROCK!

Jessie J- born Jessica Ellen Cornish on March 27th, 1988, Redbridge, London, England. She is signed to Island Records. She first started by writing lyrics for Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus' "Party In The USA". Jessie J's older sisters were both head girls in school and she has said that everyone sort of expected her to do the same: "At school they were like 'oh, you're a Cornish girl' and they kind of expected me to be the same as my sisters. Give me something to draw or an outfit to pick for someone, or hair, make-up, acting, write a song, I'm fine with it, but anything to do with sums – it was never my thing." She was the supporting singer for Cyndi Lauper during Lauper's UK dates of her 2008 Bring Ya To The Brink tour [] Jessie J has confirmed that she is openly bisexual, "I've never denied it. Whoopie-doo guys, yes, I've dated girls and I've dated boys – get over it," she revealed in a radio interview. [] This is what i love about her, that she is who she is. She stands up to what she feels is right, whether people like it or not. I LOVE YOU JESSIE J! #HEARTBEAT! Please get "Who You Are" in stores NOW! or ITunes!

Nicki Minaj- born Onika Tanya Maraj on December 8th, 1984, Saint James, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Raised in Baisley, Southside Jamaica, Queens, NY,NY.She is signed to Young Money Entertainment-Cash Money Records. She started underground and with 4 mixtapes under her belt: Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free, It's Barbie Bitch! (Barbie Diaries) and Beam Me Up Scotty. Ms. Minaj has a platinum album "Pink Friday" in stores NOW! or ITunes! Martha, Roman Zolanski, Nicki-Theresa, Harakuju Barbie, Rosa and Lap DanceNika are some of Nicki Minaj's alter egos, she expresses herself not only through her music, lyrics, facial expressions but through her different alter egos as well as their different fashion styles. TeamMinaj consists of THE BEST group of fans "Barbies, Ken/Barbies and Kens". I am a proud Barb and as one i must say that Nicki Minaj is one of the most influential people in the fucking world. Nicki has opened door for girls, for women who never thought they could do whatever it is that they wish to do. Even though it is thought that Onika is bisexual she has stated that she does not date nor have sex with women, but she doesnt date men either..."I just embrace all people of all lifestyles and I don’t tell them they are bad people. And I say girls are beautiful and girls are sexy and they need to be told that, and if they don’t have anyone to tell them that and mean it, I’m gonna tell them that. But I feel like people always wanna define me and I don’t wanna be defined." [wikipedia] I love Ms. Minaj with all my heart! #TEAMMINAJ all day! It's Barbie Bitch!

Janelle Monae- born Janelle Monae Robinson, December 1st, 1985, Kansas City, Kansas, USA.
"There was a lot of confusion and nonsense where I grew up, so I reacted by creating my own little world ... I began to see how music could change lives, and I began to dream about a world where every day was like anime and Broadway, where music fell from the sky and anything could happen."[wikipedia] she founded the Wondaland Arts Society along with other young artists that share her same vision of cahnging the world through music. After seeing her Myspace page, Sean "Diddy" Combs was impressed with her unique style.  Janelle's music is so much more than that, it takes me so far but keeps me so grounded. Her lyrics exceed expectations and in every single song, is not just about the lyrics. I'm always so impressed by how you can literally hear every beat and instrument go accordingly with her vocals, truly, truly AMAZING! Monae dresses in buttoned-up, white collar shirts, with bow ties, slacks and tap-dance-looking-shoes LOL. Monae's style is astonishing to me, her hair is absolutely amazing with slick sides and tall mohawk-like hair. Her performances are never a let down and they often catch the audience by surprise! As a #FANDROID i say: I love you MAMA DROID! Get Janelle Monae's "The ArchAndroid"!! NOW! check it on ITunes too!
                                            xoxo, Karellys =)

Jessie J "Do It Like A Dude" I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!
The chick that's break-dancing fucking killed it! Her moves yo....two thumbs WAY UP!
i swear i wanna have my lips like Jessie J has them in this video! that was hot!

J.Lo Ft. Lil Wayne "I'm Into You"
My question is: Where The Fuck Is Weezy? He is a crucial part in this joint! UPSET!

Nicki Minaj performs "Moment 4 Life" on DWTS!!
What y'all think? Beautiful isn't she? *sigh* Awesome hair, shoes and outfit Harakuju Barbie!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama Got Osama, but should we really celebrate?

September,11 2001 our nation was a victim of terrorism. The famous World Trade Center "Twin Towers" were destroyed without a warning, collapsing within minutes of being hit by planes and taking the lives of so many Americans. Nearly 3,000 lives were lost on that day. The Pentagon was also a site that was targeted and hit, but thankfully not much damage was done. Osama Bin Laden was named the man responsible for this horrific tragedy, and not much later did we know that he was in fact head, leader of a terrorist group called Al-Quaeda. It's been almost 10 years since that terrible day, there isnt a day that we don't remember the events of 9/11. Some lost fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, sons, other relatives, some of us lost friends and other loved ones. Everytime we each sit at the dinner table, a birthday comes along, there it is, the painful memory of that attack on our nation. Former President George W. Bush led a "search" for Osama Bin Laden which consisted of sending our troops out to not only search for this man, but fight terrorism. Now, my question is: Why is it that it took President Bush about 8 years to TRY and find Osama? Why were our troops continuously being sent back and forth, if not based overseas, looking for Osama when it turns out that he had been living in a multi-million dollar mansion in the middle of the city? It only took current President Barack Obama 8 months to locate him. So, what am I missing? What are we missing?
 And though it is a relieve that Osama is no longer a threat to our country, to the world, fuck it, to humans, he still has followers. Osama Bin Laden's death brings relieve, a bit of calm and somewhat closure, but it DOES NOT bring back our loved ones, it doesn't heal our pain or cure the wounds we may still have. Like the saying goes, "before the storm comes the calm.." this may be that calm. Wev are Americans, we can withstand anything, we can hold our own and still be able to end a helping hand to others, but let us not forget that terrorists ae just that, terrorists. They will stop at nothing to get things their way, to spread terror and get their message across. Is in times like these and those to come that we need t stand together, stronger than ever! In the words of our Commander In Chief: "May God Bless The World, and May God Bless The USA".
                                            XOXO, Karellys =)

New songs, tour, and follow-up album for Ms. Nicki Minaj!!!

Guys check it out! David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj & Florida "Where Them Girls At" on ITunes!
 get it! get it! get it!
Also check out "Till The World Ends (remix)" Britney Spears Ft. Nicki Minaj & Kesha!

Femme Fatale Tour Kicks off in June! Platinum-Record,Multi-talented,Record-breaking artist and fashionista Nicki Minaj will be joining Britney Spears on tour! Get tickets on NOW! VIP and Meet&Greet tickets avalaible!!!!
LapDanceIka gave the last lapdance to the very lucky Travis Barker LOOK!
So Nicki announced that there will definately be a follow-up album to Pink Friday! “You’ll get another album within 12 months,” she told KIIS FM’s JoJo. “You’ll get the announcement for the next album in—and I’m saying the announcement—that you’ll get the announcement in September. That’s all.” #ITSPINKFRIDAYHOE!

"I Am Still Music Tour II" Pics part.3

"I Am Still Music Tour II" Pics part. 2

A few pics from the "I Am Still Music Tour II"