Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama Got Osama, but should we really celebrate?

September,11 2001 our nation was a victim of terrorism. The famous World Trade Center "Twin Towers" were destroyed without a warning, collapsing within minutes of being hit by planes and taking the lives of so many Americans. Nearly 3,000 lives were lost on that day. The Pentagon was also a site that was targeted and hit, but thankfully not much damage was done. Osama Bin Laden was named the man responsible for this horrific tragedy, and not much later did we know that he was in fact head, leader of a terrorist group called Al-Quaeda. It's been almost 10 years since that terrible day, there isnt a day that we don't remember the events of 9/11. Some lost fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, sons, other relatives, some of us lost friends and other loved ones. Everytime we each sit at the dinner table, a birthday comes along, there it is, the painful memory of that attack on our nation. Former President George W. Bush led a "search" for Osama Bin Laden which consisted of sending our troops out to not only search for this man, but fight terrorism. Now, my question is: Why is it that it took President Bush about 8 years to TRY and find Osama? Why were our troops continuously being sent back and forth, if not based overseas, looking for Osama when it turns out that he had been living in a multi-million dollar mansion in the middle of the city? It only took current President Barack Obama 8 months to locate him. So, what am I missing? What are we missing?
 And though it is a relieve that Osama is no longer a threat to our country, to the world, fuck it, to humans, he still has followers. Osama Bin Laden's death brings relieve, a bit of calm and somewhat closure, but it DOES NOT bring back our loved ones, it doesn't heal our pain or cure the wounds we may still have. Like the saying goes, "before the storm comes the calm.." this may be that calm. Wev are Americans, we can withstand anything, we can hold our own and still be able to end a helping hand to others, but let us not forget that terrorists ae just that, terrorists. They will stop at nothing to get things their way, to spread terror and get their message across. Is in times like these and those to come that we need t stand together, stronger than ever! In the words of our Commander In Chief: "May God Bless The World, and May God Bless The USA".
                                            XOXO, Karellys =)

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