Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hey guys! It's been a while since i've stopped by and dropped any lines. I've been quite busy lately, and i'm about to get even more busy,but i promise to blog! Where do I start? Shout out to Thomas Gentry! I love you! This dude is more than my best friend, he's my brother, he's my confidant, he's my soul mate, he's that little voice in the back of my head that always pushes me to do my best, that feeling i get when i make a mistake because i don't want to let him down and when i'm down all he has to do is text something stooooopid and i'm the happiest chick *wink,wink* Thank you for always being there for me "Superman,Esteban or Thomas" <-whoever you decide to be today LMAO! In other news I've created an alter ego, that's right an alter ego! Her name is Regina Oxford, she's a British girl with a cockney accent. I created her about 2 months ago, when she first came out i spoke in an English accent for an entire week NO LIE! Everyone at work thought I needed counseling LMAO! OOOOh Welll! *shrugs* I decided to create an alter ego to help me deal with a time of crisis that i was experiencing at the time, but the more i lived thru "Regina" the more confident i became of Karellys, the more i was showing who i really was only difference was the accent. Today, I'm writing as Karellys but blame Regina for the page set-up with the wacky, bright colors! HAHA! Hmmm *ponders* so i went to the "I Am Still Music Tour II" with Weezy, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, YMCMB, word POPPINGTON! Nicki Minaj was AMAZING!!! LapDanceNika gave a lap dance to a lucky guy from Astoria, Queens! TeamMinaj was obviously there supportng our HEAD BARBIE, THE HARAKUJU BARBIE NICKI!Shout out to my home girl Sasha always coming thru with the hook-up, mad fun, i swear the group i always go to concerts with are just too, too crazy, well we're Hispanics so what do you expect? LOL. Next stop...SUMMERJAM! Every year like a religion I go! So I applied to school too, now the challenge is to actually get thru the semester, pray for me! Anything else to share...? I met up with an old elementary school friend and turns out this dude prduces, raps and writes, so you guys remember that producer I wrote about a few months back? Met up with him and he liked my lyrics, but told me to keep writing and find my own style and practice i have! Now, my old friend and I are writing a song together and God willing we will soon start recording, AGAIN pray for me! There's a promotion at work that's looking pretty promising and has my name on it so I've been working my ass off (literally!) Check out my blog page for more updates on ME (LOL) and other news!
                                                                              XOXOX, Karellys =)

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