Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reg-gi-gi-naaaa!!! I've arrived!

Outrageous outfits, funny made-up words, daredevil, blunt, brutally honest  and a hustler. This is Regina Oxford. I was born Karellys Garcia, however Regina Oxford also lives in me. In order to escape reality, to deal with the pain and face life, living thru someone else's identity helps. Not a new face, simply a more expresive me. A"me" that lives without regrets, without pain, a "me" that "has balls" per say...Regina speaks her mind, she dresses as she pleases and if you don't like it, look the other way or ignore me (tho that's hard) =) I (Regina) dress however i  happen to feel when I wake up. I don't care if it's in style or not. A half shaved head, Hot Pink nails, tattoos, British accent, bright purple Reeboks *shrugs* Put my IPod on shuffle and one moment you can be rapping your ass off to NICKI MINAJ,next "Jammin'" to Bob Marley, then groove to Melanie Fiona and finish with some WEEZY bitch!
Regina is also a rapper in the making. She urges and pushes Karellys to write, rap and just express herself thru raps. One day Karellys Regina will be up there with Kanye, Hov, Nicki Minaj. Watch. Why be subtle? Why be like everyoe else and do what they do? Be YOU. Or better yet bring out that inner, great, wild YOU. Name it, live life always! =)

Yup, Reg-gi-gi-naaaaaa! Get familiar! =)

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