Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best Friend Reunion May 14th,2011

We all have a best friend. That one person that we run to for advice, whom we go to when we want to act stupid, just hang out and be ourselves. They are that person that knows you better than you know yourself, my best friend not only laughs with me (at me sometimes) but she yells at me, and sets me straight whenever  I do whatever it is I'm not suppose to. She's been with me since our sophomore year in high school, that's...6 years! Her and I have gone through hell and back together. And everytime we go through a tough situation, she only proves to be even better than  know she is! Lately though, we haven't been able to hang out like we used to in high school. She's a full time student and I'm a full time worker, trying to juggle work, school, and a few other things. Our lives have changed, way beyong our power, and we remain friends. Today we made it a mission to hang out after not seeing each other in 3 months. I can't remember having more fun then I did today. I laughed until my stomach literally hurt, and spoke about everything from our personal lives to the couple sitting across from us at the bar. We also took some time to go and watch "BRIDESMAIDS" which was fucking HILARIOUS! GO WATCH IT! I love my best friend, she knows it and i must tell her again! I love hanging out with you, i love talking to you, i love being around you babe! Can't wait to hng out with you again!
XOXO K. Regina :-)

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