Monday, May 9, 2011

Stand up 4 Yoself & Stop Pleasing Others!

Why is everyone so obssesed with fitting in with everyone else? Why are people walking around trying to be someone they're not? The Lord created each and everyone of us with different talents, skills, personalities and tastes. That's why we are "individuals" because we each have our own way of living, seeing things, different opinions, etc. Women walk around dressed as sluts, when first of all, that shit ain't cute honey. Second, we can clearly see by the way you walk and the look in your face that this isn't you, so why dress like this? Because everyone else does? So're a follower. People claim themselves to be REAL and say that they do what they want and what feels right for them...LIES! We all need to start by taking a good, long look in the mirror and not only define but discover who is that looking back at us. If you're a young female that likes to wear ties, buttoned-up shirts while everyone else wears dresses, girl you better get out there and rock them ties! Be you. If you're a boy that listens to NICKI MINAJ while all of the other guys listen to Jay-Z, well dude start blasting "Moment 4 Life" Be you. I hate when someone says " I love this book!" and someone else responds,"You do? You whack ass hell" Why? because they read something you don't? or is it because you can't read? LOL. Diversity, variety, creativity, individualism, and uniqueness are all crucial variables in our society. I love being different. It simply doesn't face me. I've learned that folks will always talk about you. If you're a millionaire, that runs an empire, and you're living your dream, folks will talk about that, " I bet you he did some illegal things to get there", now another scenario. You're dirt-poor, you live on your week-to-week pay check and you can barely make ends meet, "see, she should've got herself together a long time ago, now she a failure." Moral of the story..? You can't please everyone. My favorite Nicki Minaj quote is this:" I'll never be able to please everyone, I've come to terms with that. And that in itself has been my greatest lesson to date"...This is why I love her! Have you seen her style? Unusual, yes, but is her style. I have half of my head shaved, I have piercings, tattoos, I dress in vibrant colors, I love playing dress up and I barely follow the dress code. I'm ME! I'm Karellys. I made up an alter ego "REGINA" because she's another side of me. I feel  that I  have enough creativity, personality, imagination and inspiration for 2 people rather than just Karellys, so there's Karellys and Regina. People can say what they want, look all they want, but at the end of the day I'm real to me, I keep it real with everyone else and people will always know who I am. I wear make-up but I don't hide behind it. I love clothes and dressing up but my personality has a lot more layers, and there's more to me than meets the eye. Stop being everyone else's idea of who you should be, and start being who YOU want to be! Stand up for yourself and for what you believe in!!!! Make whacky faces if you feel like it and wear neon shoes if ya need to, I mean I do!
                                                    XOXO, Karellys-Regina! =)

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