Sunday, May 8, 2011

What Does My Mother Mean To Me...?

What does my mother mean to me? My mother means everything to me. Just the fact that she carried me in her stomach for 9 months is enough for me to love her! Since October 13th, 1989 she has put up with me, yeah i said put up because i'm not easy to deal with. My mother is that person that i can argue with, fight with, disagree on so many things with, but at the end of the day i can still walk up to her, kiss her and she'll give me the warmest, tighest and most welcoming embrace.  My mother isn't perfect, in fact she's far from that, but she's perfect to me. She's a woman that has been able to raise 3 children on her own, through thick and thin, my mother has been there for me, and my brothers. My mother accepts me, she doesn't agree with half of the things i do, but she never judges my decisions and always stands behind me to catch me if i fall. Life takes us down certain paths that make us want to give up and at times turn our backs on our family and friends. I've done that, i've felt that no one was listening to me, that no one saw me, but in all actuality my mom was there. She saw me struggling and knew i was hurting, i just didn't like what i was hearing from her and therefore i felt alone, and ignored. For every mistake that i have ever made, my mother has not only forgiven me for each one but she's pushed me beyond my limit to right my wrongs and stay on the right path. I love my mother. I love her further more than i can express or say. She's everything for me and to me. I don't tell her enough, i really don't, maybe because at times i'm more caught up with other things and i allow myself to be busy with everything and everyone else instead of spending time with her, telling her that i love her, that i'm forever thankful for her sacrifices and all the hard work she's put in to raise me and my brothers. To everyone whose mom is close by, love her, hug her, kiss her, cry with her, laugh with her and never stop. Those of you whose moms are away, call her, text her or write to her. Mother's day shouldn't be the only day that we express ourselves to our mothers. Mom, I love you, I need you to always, always know that and never forget it. I don't have the luxury of living with my mother and is not often that I see her, but there isn't a day and GOD is my witness, that I stop thinking about my mother. To wrap it up, Friday night I went to a funeral, a close family friend lost her mother and i can only imagine the deep sorrow and immense pain she must be in not only today but the rest of her life. I would die if my mother were to be taken away from me. Love your mom, accept her with her faults and flaws because is those same flaws that make her that much more beautiful!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!
                                             XOXOX Karellys =)

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that was sooooooooooo sweeeeeet babes =] <3