Monday, May 16, 2011

My End of the Day Post!

So today I finally got up. Made some breakfast, cooked some scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, french toast and oatmeal. I then proceeded to shower, change and wash some clothes. I kept having to drink some red bull though, I was so sleepy the whole day! I went outside to check the mail box and I got my taxes!!!! *harlem shake* I was waiting for my tax money for soooo long! So I started making lunch. I made some elbow pasta, green peas and carrots and some steak. After my brother came from school I dragged him to the bank to deposit my check! When I got home my roommate was waiting for me so that we can go buy some new beads and supplies for our small business so that we can start making jewelry again! So, then I came home and ate again, showered and made a necklacee! Check the pic below:

Now, I'm just blogging, watching Family Guy and eating chips with ranch dip of course! Anyways, I gotta get up early tomorrow for work, so good night, and stay tuned for more posts!
                  XOXO K. Regina =)

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