Thursday, May 19, 2011


Commentary by the dancing crews and the judges from ABDC on Nicki Minaj!!!
Iconic Boyz, Street Kingdom, Funk Phenomenon, and I.aM.mE
Go to to check out a small video of Nicki Minaj on ABDC.
I'm not a fan of ABDC. I've actually never watched an episode of it until tonight. Nicki Minaj looked AMAZING!!! She brought #ShoeGameNutsNika. Lil Mama was there pushing her "fashion" taste and lemme just say it was a big NO-NO! Lil Mama was looking like a crazed-school girl and shit with some over the top patent, platform boots, tryna match Nicki and ish, hoe please! The show started with the crews all doing a group dance to "Massive Attack" by Nicki. Nicki then started by giving I.aM.mE the challenge of "Moment 4 Life" in whih the dancers where to find their "inner child" inspired by one of her early personas "COOKIE." Personally I.aM.mE did pretty good. Lil Mama's outfit was looking dope at first to me, then I looked closer and she looked like an extra-terrestrial mosquito with lip gloss.

Second challenge was for Iconic Boyz for "Check It Out" in which they where to act as marionettes, inspired by "Harakuju Barbie" They was ight, all looked cute tho dressed in matching pink jogging suits. Third challenge was for Funk Phenomenon, dancers had to incorporate belly rolls and belly dancing in their routine for "My Chick Bad." The Indian-style dancing comes from Nicki's alter ego, "Nicki Teresa, The Healer." They did ok, I thought it was cute how the one chick wore a pink wig! But at the end of the performance I believe it was one of the judges that fucked it up talking 'bout: " I liked how y'all had Nicki in the middle.." ok, the chick was representing Nicki, that was understood but WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! *pushes away* back it up buddy! How he gonna say that shit! SMH.

 The last challenge went to Street Kingdom who had to march and enforce a military routine. Their banger was "Did It On 'Em." The alter ego used for this routine was to be MY FAVORITE GAY BOY IN THE WORLD!!! THE ONE AND ONLY....*drumrolll* ROMAN ZOLANSKI! Rahhh Rahhh Like A Dungeon Dragon!!!!

The show was good, Nicki made it better. Lil Mama needs to book an appointment with Nicki's stylist Mr. T and maybe he can work a miracle. Mario Lopez did an awesome job speaking TRUTH throughout the show, with phrases like:" BEST FEMALE EMCEE IN HISTORY" "HIP HOP QUEEN" "RECORD-BREAKING ARTIST" <~yeah hoes ya know it! I know Lil Mama was bitter aas hell when she found out it was Nicki Minaj in the line-up for artists. And I know her insides were burning and twisting every time Mario said them amazing things about HB. And she was Especially salty when Nicki gave her that compliment and kissed her in the beginning. Once again Nicki, Nicki Teresa, Cookie, Harakuju Barbie and Roman all slayed! Lil Mama was put to shame on her own show *grimace face, and pouts* SMMFH, sorry Lil Nada better luck next time!

And until next time TeamMinaj, and the rest of my followers, on Twitter, and individual emails, thanks for following! Shout Out to Onika Tanya Maraj! Love you mama! *blows kiss* =)

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