Monday, May 16, 2011


Today feels like one of those days, I want to stay in bed and watch Jerry Springer all day, eating butter pecan ice cream! Is nasty outside, all gloomy and dark. Woke up, answered my texts, listened to my voicemails and made a few calls back while still in bed. Fell asleep again and woke up about an hour ago, or so. Now, i'm still in bed, listening to a few beats, trying to write a new song, but somehow Im not inspired today. I just wish i had a magic wand and be able to magically make some breakfast appear in bed and that my toes be done, im really too lazy to go get a pedicure! I guess i'll just hang out in bed, watch some tv and if i so happen to get out of bed, then i'll post a pic of the outfit and post my activities for the day, until then see you! This is me looking a hot mess LOL! XOXO K. Regina.

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